If You Must go to Prison… Here Are Some Tips

Regardless of whom you are, walking inside the prison is such a fearful experience, as you can hear the deafening combination of anxiety, adrenaline, fear, confusion, and hopelessness. At the time the doors close and you left inside, you don’t know what to do, figuring out how you will survive the situations in so many days, months or years. The life of being a prison is hard, scary, and miserable, but if you successfully obey the codes and stay out of trouble, you can survive and live a life without any unwanted incidence.

Learn and Practice the Codes

Do not trust anyone inside the prison, including the guards, officers, and inmates. The only one you can trust is yourself. Don’t show what you feel and don’t allow anyone them to ruin your happiness. Some prisoners will manipulate their skills to provoke you. Do not make a rude stare or don’t even stare if possible. It will lead to something explosive. Moreover, you have to show respect to the prison guards and don’t snitch to them about other inmates’ transgressions.

Keep Your Mind Active

Read more to let yourself learn, entertain and escape the prison world. Engage yourself in classes, as there are prisons offering GED sessions to help the inmates for knowledge acquisition. Learn how to deal with depressions, as prison is one of the places where boredom, sexual predations and disappointments may take place. Furthermore, you also need to manage your anger, as prison is where big amount of hatred and anger can be found.

Stay Healthy

If you are not into something interesting, then make yourself busy by exercising. Do some workout or play some sports’ games. By doing it, you are making the time fast and get yourself out from boredom and depression. If you are dealing with an illness, take the concern immediately, so proper medication will be rendered. Eat healthy and always drink water.

Maintain a Good Communication with Your Family

When you are inside the prison, writing letters and making phone calls to your family and friend are necessary to maintain a communication to bridge you together. This will help keep the sense of normalcy at the time of your incarceration. If you are a parent, never abandon your role to your children. You can still talk about family life often. Trust them and don’t give much attention on things that will ruin our relationship together.

Surviving Prison Life

If you want to survive the life of being imprisoned, then you should always follow the basics. Avoid drugs, gangs, and gambling, endure a solitary confinement, respect your inmates and acquire a new instinct for any dangerous situation. Be vigilant all the time, as your environment is filled with lots of heinous people, including murderers, addicts, rapists, and liars.

Making yourself prepared in whatever situation and by thinking ahead, you can stay out of trouble. Even though you can find a company inside, you always have to remember that at the end of the day, it is still yourself you can only count on.