If you’re looking to email federal inmates, you’ll need to email inmates through a system called Corrlinks, the official messaging service used throughout the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Corrlinks is a free service for free citizens to use, but requires a few steps to get started. We’ll help you understand the steps you need to take that will have you on your way to communicating with federal inmates as quickly as possible.


STEP 1: Have The Inmate Send You a Corrlinks Invitation


Corrlinks requires the inmate to send a request to the free citizen’s email before the free citizen can email the federal inmate. If you have never made contact with the inmate before, this will require you to first make contact through standard postal mail so that you can provide the inmate with your email address. If you would like tips on how to remain anonymous when sending a letter, you can check out our article for Safety Tips for Writing Letters to Inmates.


STEP 2: Sign Up for a Corrlinks Account


You will need to have a Corrlinks account to be able to accept the inmate’s request to add you to their email list. Creating an account can be done before or after you provide the inmate your email address, just make sure that the email address you sent the inmate is the email address you use when you sign up for your Corrlinks Account.



Note: Once you register for Corrlinks, you will receive a verification email from Corrlinks for you to verify your email address. Be sure to check your email after registering to verify your email address.


STEP 3: Accept the Inmate’s Invitation


Once you have provided the inmate with your email address that you have used or will be using  for your Corrlinks Account, the inmate will send you an invitation to that email to be added to their Corrlinks contacts list.


The email invitation will look like this:



Once you receive that invitation in your email, you must log into your Corrlinks account to accept the invitation with the unique Identification Code that was included in your email.




If you wish you have email alerts in your regular email account when the inmate emails you, you can enable email alerts on the next screen, once you click “Go”. Unless enabled, you will not receive alerts and will just have to check Corrlinks regularly to see if new emails have arrived in your Corrlinks account.



STEP 4: Start Emailing


That’s it! You’re all set to begin emailing your federal inmate through Corrlinks.


To start your very first email, just simply click on the Mailbox icon inside of your Corrlinks Account.




Click New Message.




Then, select the federal inmate’s name in the dropdown menu when you click in the “To:” field.




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