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Frustrated with companies that offer similar services by overcharging inmates, InTouch for Inmates entered the industry to eliminate the financial strain for those that truly need support.

Our services are simple. We facilitate relationships between inmates and free citizens in an effort to help those incarcerated that have little to no support or resources.

Best of all? It’s completely free to list an inmate with us. Always.

1. Browse Profiles

Find profiles you like, and save your favorites!

2. Unlock Profiles

Purchase credits to unlock the inmate profiles

3. Reach Out

Contact the inmate directly through mail or email

We have tons of inmates that are in
need of your support!

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1. Select a Plan

Choose from our free basic plan
or premium featured plans!

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2. Complete Application

Fill out the inmate application
after you’ve selected a plan.

3. Get Profile Views!

Pen-pals will reach out directly to
the inmate via email or mail!

Are you interested in finding a pen-pal for your
loved one as quickly as possible?

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on how to
list an inmate

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