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About Us


With America housing nearly 25% of the world’s prisoners, and our country only representing 5% of the global population, we have to take a serious look at how we can make a difference in our current penal system. InTouch for Inmates in a starting point for many incarcerated with little to no support.

We believe in the power of our pen-pal platform for not the only purpose of reducing recidivism, but for providing long term support that will carry on in the very lives of those we are able to reach and impact. InTouch works diligently to keep our site active and up-to-date, easily searchable for visitors, and relevant to our purpose. We take pride in the quality and hard work that is put into our site and services to land our organization at the top of all the rest. As a result, we are able to attract more outside pen-pals that are able to be a positive influence in the inmates’ lives that turn to us.


InTouch for Inmates is dedicated to providing true connection to the outside world for those incarcerated by offering a space to cultivate pen pal relationships. Staying in touch should not be difficult simply due to environmental circumstances. It’s information, support and staying up-to-date with the outside world that are the very things that keep inmates in positive spirits. Those are the very things that provide hope, that provide personal growth, and provide connection. Pen pal relationships have shown to drastically reduce the likeliness of relapsing into criminal behavior, and significantly improving the chances of successful rehabilitation for prisoners. Find an inmate to write for free, or list an incarcerated friend or loved one today. You will be making a life-changing difference.

Our team has a shared goal to reduce recidivism by connecting inmates with people around the world that provide hope, emotional and spiritual fulfillment and meaningful support. Studies have shown that inmates with strong support and a positive correspondence with the outside world lead to a significant reduction in the chances of that inmate relapsing into criminal behavior. Be the change you wish to see in society and join us as we move to break the cycle.