Community Guidelines - InTouch for Inmates

Community Guidelines

Our community at InTouch for Inmates is a place for users to connect safely to find friendship, moral and legal support for inmates. InTouch not only wants to improve the lives of those in our community, but we want to make it simple and easy to do. We created a set of Community Guidelines designed to keep our InTouch community safe while using our services.

Help us achieve our mission in delivering a fun and safe environment for our community by not participating or encouraging the following activities:


InTouch for Inmates was designed to facilitate positive social connection. Don’t be a jerk. Be respectful of others.

Sexually Explicit Content

The sharing of pornographic or sexually explicit content is forbidden across InTouch. Any sexual content involving minors is strictly prohibited. Photos that violate our community guidelines are subject to deletion or account deactivation.


This includes, but not limited to, impersonation, intimidation, privacy invasion, harassment, stalking, bullying, false information, violent or graphic content, and spam. Reports will be investigated to determinate if such behavior is intentional, threatening or harmful to themselves or others. These forms of inappropriateness are prohibited.


At InTouch, any content that promotes or condones unlawfulness goes against our Community Guidelines. Any illegal content or activity, including but not limited to, hate speech, terrorism, threats, violence, scamming and copyright infringement is prohibited.