While many pen-pal companies continue to charge inmates to create a profile as opposed to the free citizen, a new company introduces a disruptive approach to reverse this financial strain on those that need it most.


InTouch for Inmates, a company that facilitates relationships between inmates and free citizens for moral and legal support, has been working diligently to expand its impact to its growing community of users. Earlier this month, the company rolled out a completely redesigned site and many enriched features that make the experience unlike any other in the industry.


The new features include a  Free Forever plan for inmates, a Tinder-style ‘Boost Profile’ option for maximum profile exposure, a ‘Favorites’ feature that allows visitors to save inmate profiles as favorite, and a Content Library membership area that’s packed full of entrepreneur, educational and motivational content, creative designs, and pre-written introductory letters and tips that visitors can download, print and share with the inmates they wish to contact.


“Since first launching, we made it our purpose to touch as many lives as possible to help bring a difference into the world. We’re just getting started”, the founder, Kash Hasworth shares.



If you’re looking to support our mission by contacting an inmate or creating a profile for an incarcerated friend or loved one, get started at intouchforinmates.com today!

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